Victoria BC’s full service shipyard.


Maintenance and Refits

Haul-outs and modifications to your vessel are done to your specifications, within an owner’s budget, and on time. We maintain constant communication with our customers to ensure we meet or exceed your expectations. 

Vessel and System Repairs

Our highly skilled crews work on all types of vessels; Steel, Aluminum, Wood or Fiberglass. Our expertise in systems maintenance, pumps, hydraulics, refrigeration, engines and mechanical systems, is second to none.


We are proud of our team of shipwrights. Our craftsmen are experienced in planking re-pairs, steam-bending and caulking. Whether it’s repairing a wooden hull, or cabinetry for your yacht’s galley, we have the talent and the expertise you are looking for. Our suppliers provide us with excellent B.C. grown timber, and we source exotic materials from around the globe. 

Aluminum Welding

In our climate controlled 15,000 sq. ft. facility, we meet any Aluminum welding challenge. Our Aluminum welders are experts in custom fabrication, repair and construction. We are certified to CSA standard W47.2 under the Canadian Welding Bureau. We comply with Lloyds, ABS, CSI, and DNV standards as required. 

Steel Welding

We are certified to CSA standard W47.1 under the Canadian Welding Bureau. We comply with Lloyds, ABS, CSI or DNV standards as required. We can deliver specialty repairs or fabrications in Stainless, Aluminum-Bronze, and Copper-Nickel. 


Experts in sandblasting to all degrees of SSPC standards on steel and Aluminum surfaces, on hulls both above and below the waterline, as well as voids, and ballast and fresh water tanks.


Our painters have detailed knowledge is all areas of finishing; Varnish, Urethanes, Vinyl Finishes, Epoxies and all types of Bottom Paint. These coatings are applied correctly on properly prepared surfaces.


Our fully qualified marine trained electricians are completely familiar with all systems and regulations to Lloyds, ABS, DNV and CSI standards. 

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Point Hope Maritime

345 Harbour Road
Victoria, BC V9A 3S2


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    Conveniently located in Victoria Harbour on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island.

    This geographic location is ideally situated to serve the needs of vessels throughout the Pacific Northwest.

    Point Hope Maritime is located in Victoria’s upper harbour just north of the Johnson Street Bridge. It is a comfortable 10 minute walk from beautiful downtown Victoria.

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